David Tours investments

David Tours investments was established by David Bohbot on 1997, two years after establishing the successful travel agency, David Tours. First the company dealt with purchasing appartments, reconstructing, and selling them.
Than on april 2000, after joining forces with few investors, most known, Rami Mashinski, the partners started investing in bigger projects, enjoying the economical growth in the czech market, and slowely but surely begining to have an impact in the entire eastern european region.On october 2013 David Bohbot, this time without Rami, bought the shoping Center Amicenter. After over a year of reconstruction which has increased the value of the property by over 25 percent, the new reconstructed Building is beeing prepered for the building of few additional residential floors. With this new very suceessful experiance in our resumee, the company is now looking for similiar investments of buying and fixing of shoping centers in Prague, this seems to be the right safe investment for this period in the Czech Republic .