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Why Eastern Europe?

Why not? The best opportunities, not as strict as western countries, and willing to help foreign investors. The Eastern European market is fast growing and needs new investors. After few years of weakening, those markets are awakening and are ready for us. For the time we are putting Serbia on hold and we are concentrating on the Czech Republic. Our main interest is purchasing and reconstructing of existing building, preferably shoping centers. We are looking into investments in Slovakia and will consider other Eastern European countries. We have experiance in Russia and Belarus as well…

Why us?

A family oriented company, operating since the year 1997. We are familiar with the eastern european market and have our own projects yet are willing to consider any project offered. What have we got to offer you? An experienced team dealing with all aspects, legal and commercial, we will make all necessary research needed. We are very well connected and we cooperate with the finest consulting and analysing companies available.

Looking for investment

We’re always looking for new investments. At the moment we are concentrating on purcahsing properties in Prague. The market is slow and the lack of buyers is on our side, we can get better offers and win tenders. If you have an offer for us, please feel free to Contact us by mail or phone. We are interested mainly in properties in Prague in the Czech Republic but will consider and evaluate for you all other offers in Eastern Europe. Our team will go over all numbers. We will send you all material needed and consult you on all your possibilities for investment with us. We are willing to pay for your help in assisting us to find attractive investments. We are not interested in purchasing lands, weather with or without built permit, such offers will not be considered, we appereciate your understanding..

Financing your investment

As a major player we get the best offers from all banks. David tours investment has a strong stable income and thus enjoys the trust of the major banks. Take advantage of a mortgage loan to finance your apartment, office or invetment, with the services of our mortgage consultant. We’ll help you choose the best mortgage product, help you put the documentation together, and facilitate all communication with the property office and the respective bank. You will get the best interest rates, guaranteed.

Recent Projects

Grand Opening Ami Center

Grand Opening Ami Center

Please join us for the re opening of the reconstructed Ami Center in Kamyk!...
Ami Center – Czech Republic – Prague

Ami Center – Czech Republic – Prague

In our latest project, we have managed to increase the value of our property...
Luxury Apartments – Czech Republic – Prague

Luxury Apartments – Czech Republic – Prague

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